Episode 24

Published on:

23rd Oct 2020

Beyond Mars and Venus, Tantric Sex, Masks, Vaccines and Nancy Pelosi with John Gray


  • Johns new book “Beyond Mars and Venus
  • Tantric sex secrets
  • The science behind why porn is bad for our health
  • Johns thoughts on vaccines, masks and current events
  • How to balance testosterone and estrogen to control our mood and energy levels
  • Johns conversations with Nancy Pelosi


  • Dr. John Gray is the author of the well-known bestselling book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". One of the most influential books of the 1990’s, and of relationships, period!
  • He's written 28 books and positively changed relationships worldwide
  • Dr. John Gray expresses his gratitude
  • They discuss John new book: "Beyond Mars and Venus" 
  • Testosterone equals energy. Less testosterone - less energy. More estrogen makes us happier.
  • When we challenge ourselves testosterone increases. When we seek help estrogen increases.
  • Dr. John Gray tells us how we can double or half our testosterone each week
  • The most powerful bio-hack with man is to not be addicted to ejaculation
  • Porn immediately opens your instinctive brain and sends a lie that all those women want you and we subconsciously know its a lie so it decreases our trust in ourselves
  • Man need his own "cave time"
  • Tantric sex and how it can benefit our health
  • John’s thoughts on vaccines
  • John’s thoughts on masks
  • John’s thoughts on current events and happenings
  • John tells us about his conversations with Nancy Pelosi



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