Episode 29

Published on:

11th Dec 2020

Creating my Freedom Trinity with Greg Wheeler


  • The 4 Pillars of a Multiple 6-Figure Business (FREE) https://www.wheelhousemarketers.com/4pillars


  • We learn about putting profit first and expanding the margins of your business
  • Greg also talks of importance of correct diet and nutrition
  • Greg and Bryce discussing the freedom trinity of; financial, time and location freedom
  • Finally, Greg announces a free course to help you reach your business goals


  • Greg Wheeler ditched his day job in pursuit of financial and time freedom
  • His goal is help business owners like you take back your time and make a lot more money while working with clients that you love
  • Download his free book "How to get clients without paid ads"
  • Greg built his own gym in his garage to aid him in losing significant weight
  • He is a man of health and sport, now he is in the final stages of achieving massive weight loss
  • Greg is inspired by his coach - Chris James - and he hired him for trainings, it was his first step to victory, he completely changed his habits and diet
  • Diet literally improved his life, relationship and business - he lost his weight, but start to  have more energy for things
  • He share with us his work leaving moment and his own business history, his family and life journey
  • He tell us about his first major entrepreneurial success - creating an online course and why he turned deep into marketing
  • Greg tell us how he helps his customers
  • Greg tell us that patience is his key when speaking with clients
  • He tell us how coronavirus has been a blessing for his business
  • Greg is actively and rapidly expanding his freedoms- it’s his weapon to a fulfilling life
  • Greg’s top freedom hack - create your business and build your financial freedom
  • Greg offer free online consultation for business developers


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