Episode 28

Published on:

27th Nov 2020

How to Avoid Arguments & the Psychology of Fear with John Gray



  • The science behind why ejaculation is detrimental to men’s health
  • The #1 set back for women and the #1 setback for men that can radically improve the quality of our relationships, emotions and general well being
  • How to turn what could be an argument into a loving and enjoyable experience
  • The psychology of fear and how to control it
  • David thoughts on current events


  • Dr. John Gray is the author of the well-known bestselling book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus", one of the most influential books of the 1990’s, and of relationships, period!
  • He's written 28 books, sold over 50 million of them and positively changed relationships worldwide
  • Dr. John Gray tells us about his relationships with women
  • John discusses the importance of adapting to change in this rapidly changing new world.
  • Why social media is ruining relationships
  • Dr. John Gray explains how we can create our own reality
  • John explains the physical and psychological effects and consequences of porn addition
  • How if we are told a lie enough, we start to believe it
  • The difference between sex and making love
  • Dr. John Gray offers freedom hackers his free customized 4 day course on how to improve relationships. This course is customized to suit the specific needs of the student weather they are; male, female, single or married


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