Episode 3

Published on:

15th May 2020

FHR #003 - Freedom Principle 2 of 5: Mental, Physical & Dietary Health


Keeping a healthy mindset by practicing gratitude everyday

How to create goals for life that cover more areas than just financial success

Turning those goals into reality using visualization

Working on keeping your body healthy using different techniques including exercise and breathing

Advise on the best foods to eat and what to avoid to maintain the frequency of your body


20% of success is skills / 80% is mindset and the best place to start improving your mindset is with gratitude.

When you start to be thankful then good things will come into your life. Bryce recommends that everyone try gratitude visualizations.

We’ve all been programmed by media, family and friends to believe certain things so that by time we get to our 20’s we’re programmed completely. The best way to start reprogramming your mindset for success is to work on goals.

When Bryce was younger all his goals were financial but now he’s learnt there are so many other areas in life that need looking after too.

Bryce uses his goals template to cover all areas of life and attributed this template to much success in his life.

Once you have your goals, how do you make them come into action? That takes visualization.

Our mind does not know the difference between visualizing something and spending time practicing the skills, once you can visualize yourself succeeding then you’ll find it showing up in real life.

You also need to surround yourself with the things to help you to get your goal; people, video, books, and don’t stay around people who wear you down.

A good morning routine will help you go through the goals and visualizing - programming yourself for success and freedom.

Get outside of your comfort zone to a place that gives you butterflies and makes you nervous; this helps the mindset and gives you little wins throughout the day.

Exercise is so important in life, the more energy you exert the more energy you will gain in return..

Get started with cardio and strength training but you don’t need to go to the gym - you can use your own body weight. 

Another really important exercise is a yoga practice and breathing exercises.

Wim Hof using breathing exercises to control how his body reacts to extreme cold. Bryce also takes ice baths / cold plunging which contracts blood vessels to strengthen your immune system and enhance your overall health.

Bryce also recommends being aware of the toxicity in your home - stay natural wherever possible

For a healthy body lean towards eating organic food where possible and drink lots of water.


Mark Divine, Unbeatable Mind https://unbeatablemind.com/

Wim Hoff, The Iceman https://www.wimhofmethod.com/


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