Episode 5

Published on:

29th May 2020

FHR #005 - Freedom Principle 4 of 5: Spirituality


  • The difference between spirituality and religion
  • Why we all need spirituality, especially in troubled times
  • Using a vision board and visualization to harness your future and goals
  • Staying grounded spiritually gives us the ability to remain as the calm eye of the storm amidst chaos


  • Bryce starts by clearing up the difference between religion and spirituality; on Freedom Hack Radio Bryce is focusing on spirituality, not religion.
  • Religion can harness the greatness of life but has also been known to cause judgement and harm people
  • Spirituality is more inclusive and doesn’t include disliking people for having different beliefs
  • Bryce doesn’t want to discriminate or take anyone out of the discussion so on this podcast, god and the universe may be used interchangeably. We can use the same language but have your own interpretation. 
  • On this spiritual journey we need to be challenged in order to grow, especially when going through chaotic times.
  • The more we’re spiritually grounded, the better decisions we’ll make during this chaos.
  • Bryce’s journey is definitely a journey towards spirituality and enlightenment 
  • We all have room to grow on our personal journeys toward enlightenment.
  • Bryce recommends, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. It’s in his top two books he recommends to people and highly relevant to this episode's topic.



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