Episode 6

Published on:

6th Jun 2020

FHR #006 - Freedom Principle 5 of 5: Having Fun Doing What You Love Most


  • This is the final point in Bryce’s 5 freedom principles.
  • Having fun is just as important as work.
  • Make time for having fun and prioritize it like you would anything else.
  • Find out what you love doing so that you can include it in your yearly goals.
  • What’s coming up in the rest of the podcast series.


  • This episode is all about having fun and doing what you love.
  • In the US people need more help here with letting go and having fun - their drive tends to be towards working rather than fun.
  • The key to freedom is to do the things you want to do.
  • When Bryce began working on his freedom journey he started by focusing on the financial side, but needed to spread across all 5 points as covered in episodes 2-6.
  • When Bryce talks about his travelling to other people and explains that he’s gone to 60 countries, traveled non-stop for 18 months etc most people are interested and have fairly normal responses but when talking to Americans they have a very different answer.
  • They always ask the same questions: ‘How is that possible?” or “How can you do that and not work?”
  • The first question people ask when you meet them in the US is ‘what do you do’, and this confused Bryce because he thought it meant what do you do as a hobby, but it actually means ‘what do you do for work’.
  • Having fun needs to be more of a priority rather than an added extra.
  • Bryce does surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, triathlons, athletics, being in nature, cold plunging, swimming, sports, travel.
  • One recommendation is if you have something you want to do - travel, sports, a museum visit - then put it in your calendar.
  • This will make it more ‘real’ and focus your mind to plan and save to make it happen.
  • Be open minded and give things a shot - not everything will be for you but it’s worth trying everything to find out.
  • Track what's important to you so that you know what you enjoy and what to build into your goals.



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