Episode 9

Published on:

26th Jun 2020

FHR #009 - Strength, Wisdom, Purpose, Passion, Juicy Intimacy & Wholeness with Satyen Raja




  • The guest on today's show is Satyen Raja
  • Satyen is the founder of the Transformational Academy called Warrior Sage 
  • Finding the balance between your inner warrior and your inner wisdom
  • Growing the Warrior within us as this has decayed over the years
  • Mixing Western practicality with Eastern wisdom


  • Satyen has impacted over 100,00 students from over 50 countries by creating enlightened business growth and developing higher consciousness. 
  • He works privately with CEOs and executive teams to deepen balance and equilibrium
  • He aims to blend Eastern wisdom and Western practicality
  • Today Satyen is most thankful for him body and health to be of service to unity
  • The meaning of his Academy is due to; sage is a brave man, warrior is strong mind
  • A warrior is the one willing to look vulnerably at self and lives by principle of truth
  • However, you need wisdom to balance out the warrior and be connected to spirit
  • Satyen teaches his pupils to tap into this balance and turn the noise down and do this with meditation and tune into nature
  • Try to cut through the hype - this means the noise around us - and develop discernment and decision making - stay away from the whirlpool trying to suck you down
  • Ask yourself ‘what must i do today to live, love and die completely without regret’ - This is the question Satyen asks himself all the time so he doesn’t become lazy each day
  • His daily rituals include aligning himself with the question above, yoga, exercise and reading
  • Satyen also discusses harnessing the power of being a warrior; much of our warrior energy has atrophied which means that what also gets weaker is resolve, courage, facing adversity and dealing with fear.
  • This means you need to cultivate the warrior of the heart - the warrior who wants to lift up and build bridges.
  • Western practicality means making all the other spiritual stuff grounded; make it exist on Earth. 
  • Devotion awakens; Polarity excites.
  • His most exciting 2020 work is that he’s part of an organisation called Undercurrent which works to re-script capitalism.
  • Satyen is also the Chairman of New Gaia Green Tech

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