Episode 11

Published on:

10th Jul 2020

FHR #011 - Mindset, Overcoming Challenges, & Living in Gratitude with Dr. Amanda Barrientez





  • This episode is an interview with the NFA coach Dr Amanda Barrientez
  • What it takes to improve your mindset to succeed
  • How to transform your self doubt into confidence
  • Amanda’s story to becoming the coach she is today


  • Mindset takes up 80% of what we need to succeed so you need to get head right first
  • Dr Amanda Barrientez is a mindset coach
  • She’s an NFA coach who helps entrepreneurs build thriving businesses 
  • Amanda has experienced an affair, divorce, relationship collapse and being a single mum before she had her breakdown moment and realized her life needed to change.
  • She Got free resources through podcasts etc and then saved money for coaching which transformed self doubt into financial reality
  • She helps business owners overcome their blockers
  • Amanda experienced bad relationship models when she was growing up so she married young and had kids at 20 and dropped out of college. 
  • Her ex husband was an entrepreneur but not good at business and lost money
  • She went to do undergrad and realized her relationship wasn’t working and had an affair
  • When the next relationship fell apart she worried about being homeless and said to herself ‘this is not the reality i want’
  • She realized I have to shift myself; i am the common denominator here.
  • Money and relationships were a skill that she hadn’t learned and she realized she wanted to be a coach and teach others about this
  • She felt divinely directed towards being a coach 
  • It was a three year process to shift her mindset
  • This means shifting unconscious belief systems - if you’re split inside you have a competing commitment you’re going to be stuck so you have to break through this barrier
  • In doing this she shifted her friend group, environment and learning materials.
  • She started a saving account which she called her money magnet account and put away 10% each month
  • The word ‘decision’ means ‘cut off’ so when you make a decision everything that doesn’t align just falls away
  • Your outer world is a reflection of inner world - if you don’t like what you’re getting then look within.
  • Amanda’s idea of the ultimate freedom lifestyle is the choice to wake up everyday and do work what you want to do - whether that's 15 hours or 5
  • Design your life because you have the freedom to do so and make sure it’s aligning with your values
  • Rituals that help Amanda; exercise, meditate daily, journal 4-5 days a week to get clarity each day on what she’s doing
  • Contact - nfacoaching.com 

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