Episode 36

Published on:

29th Oct 2021

Successful Investing During a Real Estate and Economic Crash with Alpesh Parmar

We are on the precipice of potentially the largest economic crash that has ever happened in history.

Supply chain disruptions, overpriced real estate, overpriced stocks, consumer price inflation, out of control money printing, forceful governmental policies, corrupt media that is hiding the truth and feeding the masses with mis-information, vulnerable medical, agricultural, and energy systems all seem to be leading to an inevitable crash, potentially bigger than anything we have ever seen. 

Many unprepared people will fall prey within this international house of cards, and simultaneously many prepared people will profit in capacities that could be larger than anything we have ever seen.

Those who “lose” will be in need of help. Those who “win” will have the ability to help others! 

Given the choice (and we all have a choice, as even ignorance is a choice), which side of the lose / win scenario are you going to be on? 

Alpesh Parmar and Bryce Robertson take a deep dive on “Successful Investing During a Real Estate and Economic Crash.” Not only do they discuss the problem and some solutions, but specific investment models that you could be part of, with the aim of not only surviving, but thriving in these unprecedented times...





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